Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Ultimate Battery Setup

If you want portable power for your iPhone 5 ANYWHERE, this is for you. First, you'll need two things other than an iPhone 5. 

1. A Jackery Mini External Battery ($25 on Amazon; $70 retail; for light use), a Jackery Bar External Battery ($35 on Amazon; $90 retail; pictured and recommended), or a Jackery Giant ($50 on Amazon; $130 retail; for heavy use; not for camping due to weight). 

2. A micro-USB to Lightning adapter (pictured: $2-$8 generic; buy at your own risk; $20 from Apple). 

When both products arrive, plug in the adapter into the small end of the cable included with the battery. Plug in your iPhone 5 and there you go! Power anywhere! I hope this helps!!!

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