Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How To Remove a SIM Card

If your wireless isn't working (cellular wireless specifically) or you've dropped you iPhone into liquid, you might want to remove your SIM Card. If you've dropped you phone into water remove the SIM Card (following procedure) and put the phone in a bag of rice (uncooked). 

If you have a case on your iOS device, take it off. Turn off the iOS device by holding the top button for five seconds and slide the slider that appears on the screen. In the box your iOS device came in. Look for a small metal-like tool. If you can't find this, a thin paper clip is a substitute. Insert the end of the tool into the tiny hole on the right side of your iPhone (left side for iPad), push firmly, and pull. Be careful! Hold the SIM Card by its side. Don't lose it. If the iOS device didn't fall into water, blow off any dust on the SIM Card and in the iOS device and push it back in. Otherwise, place the SIM Card in a dry place and the iOS device in a bag of uncooked rice. Wait 24-48 hours. Then, put the two back together and it should work again. If not, bring it to your local Apple Store. I hope this helps!

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