Thursday, February 21, 2013

Try out Google Glass!

Source: Google
If you haven't heard yet, Google is making a augmented reality device known as Glass. Not surprisingly, the technology field seems to be taking an interest into augmented reality as the public seems to want to merge their lives in with technology. Glass is a futuristic piece of technology that looks like it was ripped right from some comic book (or my invention journal from fifth grade). However, instead of making a huge piece of glass covering your eyes, it only covers the top-right region of your eye. Here, it can tell you time, weather, and more. Now, you can test this product out. You must be a resident of the United States and must be 18 years old. Unfortunately for me, I'm not 18 years old yet. Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that you must fork over $1500 to Google. Like they don't have enough money from advertising. I mean, just look at their headquarters. It's 25 times the size of Yahoo!'s headquarters! Anyways, to get Google's attention, just tweet or Google+ the hash tag #ifihadglass and put in your two cents (TIP: two cents is less than 50 words) about what you would use Google Glass for. As for me, I think it might be worth waiting for. As if I have a choice. Here's what I tweeted:

#ifihadglass I would be over 18 years old. But seriously, I would wear it to school and do an epic review on them.

- Alex Baratti
+Alex Baratti

The deadline is the 27th.

Stay tuned for more tech news!

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