Wednesday, February 13, 2013

iHM61 Review

Source: iHomeiHome is one of my favorite speaker brands. They go above and beyond of what a speaker is made to be. They integrate it with apps that calculate sleep and charge my iOS devices during this! Heck, the alarm feature is the only reason I get to school on time. But, sometimes you want to get back to basics while having the modern design. That's exactly what the iHM61 delivers. The iHM61 is a rather simple device that I now use to listen to my music while I do homework. The device delivers deep bass. Otherwise, it just sounds like a radio. But, I'm no music critic. In addition, it is a "Glowtunes" model. This means it has colors are shown while playing music. Kinda like a lava lamp. While the colors, nor the rhythm of the colors, aren't associated at all with the music you're playing, it does deliver serene experience. A device plugs in via headphone jack. No need for any discrimination between any devices. The price? $25. In my perspective, I feel that is a great deal. Cheaper than headphones. But, it all comes down to the final verdict.
4 out of 5! Not bad!


about $25

- Color changing LED (Glowtunes)
- Expandable
- Portable
- Works with ALL devices

- Rhythm of colors has nothing to do with song
- Sound could be a bit better

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