Saturday, March 30, 2019

What's Next for Wireless Charging?

With AirPower officially cancelled, it leaves us with a question: What is next for Apple in terms of wireless charging? Apple probably wants to eliminate all ports on the iPhone eventually, and wireless charging will play a large part in that. But Apple currently has no wireless charging solution. You have to buy a third-party Qi wireless charger in order to take advantage of wireless charging. I think Apple may release smaller wireless chargers that only charge one device at a time. When charging, there could be a screen showing any of your other devices that are charging and their percentages. That's not too far off from AirPower and certainly not impossible. I also think Apple should find a way to fully enable Qi wireless charging on Apple Watch. There are a lot of directions Apple could go with this, but for now, I don't expect to see anything any time soon.

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