Saturday, September 22, 2018

My Experience with tvOS 12

I love my Apple TV 4K. It takes up so little of my TV's real estate, yet it's my TV's most used device. I think tvOS has so much potential but Apple neglects it in terms of big features. Notifications for new episodes, multiple user profiles, and better use of continuity are high on my tvOS wish list. But for now, this has been my tvOS 12 experience. Screensavers now have labels, which is awesome, but also long overdue. It's cool to try to figure out where a particular aerial may have been taken, and then tap the remote to discover it, but it gets old fast once you've seen them all. I haven't seen any aerials from space yet, so I look forward to seeing some fresh screensavers in the coming weeks. I haven't had the chance to use the new password system yet, since most of my apps were already signed in, but I hope it encourages developers to stray away from the "enter this code on this website" tactic. But most frustrating are these HDMI issues I've gotten since the update. I haven't seen many other reports of these issues, so this might be exclusive to me. One out of every five times my Apple TV wakes up, the screen is a garbled pink color, requiring me to unplug and replug my HDMI cable. In addition, I get a friendly reminder telling me that my HDMI cable is having trouble maintaining a stable connection, an error I never had on tvOS 11. Overall, a pretty lackluster update, but hopefully paves the way for a better update in tvOS 13.

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