Saturday, September 29, 2018

Attempts to Avoid Vulnerabilities

I've been looking at various forums and comment sections after a new vulnerability was discovered in iOS 12 (it's not that serious in my opinion and will likely be patched soon). A few people say they disable Control Center on the lock screen thinking that will prevent a thief from enabling Airplane mode. Enabling Airplane mode would make your iPhone untraceable on Find my iPhone. However, this is redundant as they could either turn off the iPhone and take out the SIM card to prevent any data from being uploaded over cellular. Locking them out of Control Center does very little. The same goes for disabling Siri on the lock screen. I believe that the benefits of being able to access Control Center and Siri on the lock screen outweigh the potential risk. Regardless, that's just me. But most thieves know to steer clear of stealing iPhones unless they're looking for scrap parts to sell. As soon as they steal an iPhone, they've just stolen a very expensive paperweight and nothing more. Not every person should feel like they're a target for having their iPhone stolen.

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