Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Struggle for a Good iPhone X Screen Protector

The iPhone X is a beautiful phone. Every aspect of its design makes it feel like a luxury phone. Yet, despite that, I always feel the need to take the safe route and apply the screen protector, just in case. I looked on Apple's site to find Belkin's screen protector. However, it had terrible reviews of easily cracking under normal usage. It got so bad that Belkin halted sales of it. It was a shame because I typically trusted Belkin to provide a quality screen protector for the right price. I resorted to Amazon, where the validity of any brand has more questionability. I purchased Syde's screen protector for iPhone X for $9.99 [Direct Link]. It fits well and all, but left bubbles near the notch. I was told by a representative that all iPhone X screen protectors seem to suffer from this and it takes some time to fully go away. I've tolerated this for two weeks with no sign of it disappearing. Regardless of brand, keeping the screen protector as minimally invasive is key to being able to enjoy your phone to it's fullest potential. I'm still in the market to finding the perfect protector and I'll be sure to write about it if I find one.

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