Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Microsoft Mixed Reality Demo: My Terrible Experience

I went to a Microsoft Store today because one of my professors told me that a VR demo was available. I've had my fair share of VR demos before, but I heard you could play Superhot VR, so I was eager to try it out. When I went to try it out, I was met with a form I had to sign on a Surface. Microsoft Edge stopped working as I filled it out, so another Surface had to be brought in. When I had finished that, I tried on the "Mixed Reality" headset. About 10 seconds into the demo, the application had to be restarted due to some malfunction. When it restarted, the entire screen was blurry. It became more clear if I looked up, but the person at the station told me not to do that, so I was almost blind. They also accidentally chose the game for me when showing me where the buttons were, so I got stuck with "Free the Night." I was met with some voiceover and a starry night sky. No amount of button presses or movements progressed me, so I was under the impression that this was it. While this is apparently a fully fledged game, there was no indication of what I was supposed to do. I ended my demo early on account of the fact that I was bored, unimpressed, and felt that I had wasted roughly ten minutes of my time. I don't like to have to rant like this, but after trying so many VR platforms, Mixed Reality just feels like one of the worst out there. I've had more inviting experiences with Google Cardboard.

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