Saturday, November 19, 2016

iBooks Update Imminent?

After the unveiling of the new TV app, I began to notice a trend. First, Apple Music. It gave Music a  lot more interactivity with users. It added a nice music feed of your albums and playlists, along with the Up Next feature. Now, TV. It gives you a feed of video across multiple video platforms and a new Up Next feature. So, what could be next? I would guess iBooks. While an Up Next feature wouldn't really work, I could totally imagine a feed where you could see recommended books and new books from your favorite authors/series. I could also imagine this happening with Podcasts, but the app is so similar to Music, it wouldn't matter much. Another iBooks update that could happen could be a subscription service similar to Apple Music and Amazon Kindle Unlimited. This is all just my own speculation by the way, not based on any rumors.

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