Sunday, November 13, 2016

AirPods Launch Theories

In all honesty, Apple's AirPods should've been launched alongside the iPhone 7 release. Although I am looking forward to the release of these earbuds, many mock these products as a simple cash grab for Apple since they removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, which doesn't help the fact that they've been delayed. That being said, I have two sources that have two different stories about when they may release. The first one is a bit sketchy. According a, AirPods will release next week. The main source is a European reseller, which doesn't add much credibility. The second rumor comes from Barclays, which says production will begin in December. They're not even made yet according to this rumor. Love them or hate them, it can't be denied that Apple needs to get AirPods out into the public as soon as possible. My theory that combines both is that perhaps pre-orders will begin next week and they'll be here late December or, more likely, early January. In this case, you can still give AirPods as a Christmas gift, but they'll come a bit late.

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