Monday, May 30, 2016

The Future For Siri

According to Tech Insider, Apple acquired a competitor to Siri that strove to make human-like artificial intelligence, VocalIQ. VocalIQ uses contextual clues like a human would to provide the best response to user input and learns over time. Hopefully, this will make Siri smarter as Siri will mostly do a Bing search if it doesn't know what to do. Meanwhile, Google will bring up a card with the answer to many questions. Siri is expected to open up to developers this year, expand to the Mac platform, and will likely have an Amazon Echo rival in the future.
"What if you change your mind an hour later? Simply saying something like 'Find me a Mexican restaurant instead,' will bring you new results, while still taking into account the other parameters like parking and WiFi you mentioned before. Hound, Siri, and any other assistant would make you start the search session over again. But Vocal IQ remembers. That's more human-like than anything available today."

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