Saturday, May 28, 2016

The End of Jawbone?

Jawbone fitness trackers where the only major deterrent to me not buying a Fitbit two years ago. Later, I would've learned that Fitbit wouldn't support HealthKit, while Jawbone would. I felt that I made the wrong decision. However, Jawbone may be struggling a bit now, as they have ceased production of their fitness trackers and are looking for a company to take over their speakers [Source: Tech Insider]. Many are starting to speculate that Fitbit could follow the same path and that this signals the fall of the fitness tracker industry. Personally, I find that they're not built to last, as my Fitbit One broke after one year. There is one thing that could save Jawbone. They are developing one last product that may reignite their business. This product is focused on clinical health. 

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