Sunday, January 24, 2016

Leaked iPhone 5se?

With more and more rumors suddenly surfacing of the iPhone 5se, the 4-inch version of an iPhone 6, we now see a new photo of what could be the device. In the photo below, courtesy of Gijs Raggers, there is an iPhone 5 (a 4-inch iPhone) to the left of a device resembling the iPhone 6. Both phones are 4-inches, suggesting that the phone on the right is the iPhone 5se. If it's real or not, I'll leave that to you guys. My only thoughts at the moment is the naming scheme of this "iPhone 5se." Apple has been lately been good with the continuity of their device's names, using words like "Air" and "Pro" interchangeably between their Mac line and iOS line, but they take what could've been "iPhone 6s Mini" to "iPhone 5se." This makes no sense to me, as the iPhone would still have all of the features of an iPhone 6s. Size doesn't determine name, as we have seen with the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. This will continue to trigger my OCD until Apple offers an explanation or a different name.

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