Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Amazon Prime Offers 20% Off Pre-Order and Newly Released Video Games

Amazon has a new Prime-exclusive deal that gives 20% off all video games sold by Amazon. These games must be pre-ordered or ordered through two weeks after the game's release. This is a pretty good deal. It's comparable to Best Buy's Gamer's Club but with the convince of Amazon Prime. A perk of this is that there is much better stock on Amazon and there's free release day delivery (and free shipping in general). This applies to amiibo as well. Which means you can get 20% off of the second wave of Animal Crossing amiibo with a Prime account. Just when you thought buying amiibo at the MSRP was crazy. Now, it should be noted that your Amazon Prime account must be a paid account. People who get a free Prime account referral are not eligible. And as far as I can tell, this deal isn't going anywhere. I hope this helps.

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