Sunday, November 29, 2015

New MacBook Airs Coming in 2016?

After the announcement of the new MacBooks earlier this year, I figured that they would replace the current MacBook Airs, as the MacBooks are much thinner than the MacBook Airs. This seems redundant. With Apple's term "air" meaning thin, light, and simple, some continuity should be present among the naming of its products. There's the MacBook Air, iPad Air, and AirDrop. MacBook Air doesn't really fit into this anymore. However, a new design for it may be in next years WWDC event. Perhaps it will be even thinner than the MacBook? Probably not, since the MacBook ditched almost all ports except a USB-C port and, ironically, the headphone jack. This is an early rumor, but more will probably surface around late Spring next year. Stay tuned!

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