Saturday, May 30, 2015

Apple Provides Temporary Fix For Text Message Bug

If you've gotten one of those text messages that crashes your phone, Apple has provided a temporary fix before they release an update for it.
"Apple is aware of an iMessage issue caused by a specific series of unicode characters and we will make a fix available in a software update. Until the update is available, you can use these steps to re-open the Messages app. 
1. Ask Siri to "read unread messages."  
2. Use Siri to reply to the malicious message. After you reply, you'll be able to open Messages again
3. In Messages, swipe left to delete the entire thread. Or tap and hold the malicious message, tap More, and delete the message from the thread." 
Personally, my iPhone is in Do Not Disturb mode 23 hours a day, because... life, and as a result, my iPhone doesn't crash. It's something to consider. 

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