Thursday, May 28, 2015

Apple Watch: First Impressions

Today, I got my Apple Watch. It is a 42mm Apple Watch with Brown Leather Loop. I'll just ramble on about some of my thoughts. One of the things I like is how I can easily picture it as a lifestyle device. I can see myself using it for a workout or using the MLB At Bat app at a ballpark. It brings new potential to the playing field.  It's not just a tiny iPhone. I like how notifications popup with a subtle vibration. Also, people seemed to be turned off by its battery only lasting a single day, however it's not to say that you'll run out in a single day. With a lot of use, you should have 20% at the end of the day, assuming healthy battery life. The main drawback to the Apple Watch is the reliance on the iPhone. Every time you open an app, it has to load the app from the iPhone. These loading times vary based on the size of the app and the proximity from the iPhone. Typically, they're short loading times, but if your iPhone is more than 10 feet away, loading can get tedious. Overall, I'm a big fan of this watch and look forward to using it, however I do see some area for improvement. When the next generation comes out, we pioneers only hope that our current bands will work with the next few generations.

Sorry about the quality and lighting of this picture!

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