Sunday, December 14, 2014

Apple Releases New 'The Song' Ad For The Holidays

As is tradition for them, Apple has released a heartwarming holiday advertisement. This year, it's called "The Song". It depicts a girl finding a present her grandmother sent to what seems to be her grandfather. The present included a note to the grandfather noting how they couldn't be together for the holidays and a record with the grandmother singing "Love Is Here To Stay". The girl secretly learns the song on multiple instruments and learns the lyrics. She then combines her song with that of her grandmother's. She leaves the audio file on an iPad mini with a note that says, "A Duet, Press Play". The grandmother listens to the song and looks at the pictures that were left with the iPad mini and the note. The memories bring the grandmother to tears of joy as the granddaughter watches from above.

Although last year's holiday advertisement, called "Misunderstood", has been taken down by Apple, you can watch a re-uploaded version in the embed below. Credit to Matthew Miller.

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