Wednesday, June 4, 2014

OS X Yosemite in a Nutshell: The Scoop (WWDC 2014)

Yesterday's keynote confirmed to us the details of OS X Yosemite (including its name, which apparently took a lot of decisions). Here are the details:

iOS 7 Design:

OS X Yosemite gets a new paint job. It looks a lot like iOS 7. I mean, just look at the new Finder icon (shown to the left)! What is that?! At least this brings less inconsistencies to the Apple universe. The new OS has a new font for menu bars. From my perspective, it seems to be "Helvetica Neue Ultralight," which is the same font used in iOS 7. All the windows are translucent.


Messages can now receive text messages (as in SMS) using your iPhone as a relay device. It used to only be able to receive iMessages (messages sent from other iOS devices and Macs). The same idea goes to phone calls.

Instant Hotspot:

A nice feature of iPhone is the personal hotspot*. Your Mac can now detect your iPhone nearby. It will then allow you to turn on its hotspot with just a click. No password. No hassle. All internet.

I'll be getting more WWDC news soon, including continuity and all the developer news. See you guys soon!

* Additional charges may apply when using your device's cellular network.

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