Tuesday, June 3, 2014

iOS 8 in a Nutshell: The Scoop (WWDC 2014)

Today's WWDC gave us a lot of new features to look forward to in the fall. Let's dive right into the features and advancements in iOS 8!


You can now record your voice to send messages in iMessage. Just another way to quickly send messages. In addition, you can now take videos quicker with the easy to tap video button on the left side of the phone. As for group messaging, you can now share locations, name conversations, and mute notifications from specific conversations.


In iOS 8, you can use predictive text to type faster. It uses clues based on your writing style and the context of what you're doing (i.e. writing a business letter as opposed to chatting with friends). In addition, third-party keyboards are now compatible. Keyboards like Swype can be accessed. Maybe fan-made emojis.

Family Sharing:

Family Sharing is just what it sounds like: sharing with your family. Families can share device locations, calendars, photos, iTunes content, App Store content, and more without any hassle. Also, kids can ask permission digitally before they buy an app. 


Compatible with third-party apps like Nike+, Health lets you store all of your health information in one place. It also lets you create an emergency card that will be displayed on the lock screen just in case of an emergency.

That's it for today, but be sure to stay tuned because I'll be covering more on WWDC news as well as cover iOS news that wasn't covered in this post. 

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