Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Want to get rid of included apps?

Although the app was removed from the App Store, you can remove apps such as the stock app on your iOS device. I managed to get a copy of the app, "HiddenApps". It was free. This app managed to get past the strict App Store Guidelines and allows your non-jail broken device to do stuff like get rid of iAds and unwanted apps. Perfect for those who want to use third party weather, clock, stock, or (and to a MUCH greater extent) to replace Apple Maps with Google Maps. The process goes like this. You select an app to remove (until you reboot your iOS device) and it installs a plugin named "Poof". I haven't tried this yet (*sarcastically* I know, real professional, right?) as I'm worried about the risks of a bug or something getting in my iPhone. So, until then, I hope this helps!

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