Saturday, December 1, 2012

iTunes 11: Review

iTunes 11 gave me an interesting experience. First of all, this is so simple a newcomer to Apple can use it with the fundamentals or so simple that a veteran may not be able to live without the sidebar. Lucky for you guys I can fix all of that.
You can still get the classic iTunes experience
with a modern feel.

I found a quick way to easily get the old sidebar back. Simply go to the menu, hit View > Show Sidebar. And there it is.

Back to the review, the new iTunes is great. It does what it has said. The only thing it has removed is iTunes DJ. It lets people vote on the next song from their iPhone and iPod Touches. Not on iPad. Other than that, I give the new iTunes five-out-of-five Geek Glasses.
Here's some screenshots I've captured: 

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