Monday, December 3, 2012

Google Top Contributors

I think we all can agree that I'm not the biggest Android fan. However, I think Google makes some great products. Their search engine makes up a lot of my life. YouTube helps me with programming an iPhone app. Google+ helps me connect with you guys (+Alex Baratti). But of all these products may require a little online face-to-face help. That's where Google Top Contributors come in. Top Contributors are the tech experts at Google. I hope to earn this status soon as I recently started to answer questions about Blogger. Just so you know, Blogger is the service that actually hosts this site. The route of becoming a top contributor tends to take at least four months. First, participate in the community. At least on most days. Second, learn. It doesn't matter if you're the ultimate Google fan that knows everything. There are knowledgeable people out there. And it doesn't hurt to expand your knowledge. Third, submit a small form to Google (Scroll down to step three and click on the link to find the form). Next, you may become a "Rising Star". This is a status that means you're pretty advanced. You also get your own Google resource if you need help. After that, sharpen your skills and practice clean, concise grammar. Brush up on your knowledge and keep posting. Practice connecting to your reader(s) and hope that they can use you for help again. Always be sure to use appropriate language and give accurate information. In the following months, you might just be a Top Contributor. Here's a video by Google to give an overview of this whole thing. Thanks!

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