Thursday, December 13, 2012

Apple and Foursquare

"Find Maps for your [iOS Device]
App Collection
Picture Source: Mashable
Yesterday, Denis Crowley (@dens), C.E.O. of Foursquare, and Eddie Cue (@cue), Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services of Apple, now have some interesting rumors building. As you know, Apple's flawed map system is being attempted to be repaired to Apple Standards. However, no further action has taken place other than the "Find Maps for your [iOS Device]" app collection on the App Store. If you look a Eddie Cue's profile on Twitter, you will find a tweet. If you look at his tweets, the one about Foursquare is the last tweet since June. It appears that he is testing it out as this is his first check-in. By the way, he checked in through his iPhone. #Reference2EpicFail Also, Denis Crowley has tweeted that he will be going down to San Francisco. Here are the tweets:
"En route to SF for the week. (@ John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) w/ "
- Denis Crowley

"I'm at Apple - Valley Green 2 (Cupertino, CA) "
- Eddie Cue 
This could save Apple Maps with a partnership with Foursquare.

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