Sunday, February 18, 2018

Apple Music and TV Shows

I know I’ve talked about this before, but this article comes with the news that Apple is renewing its Carpool Karaoke series for a second season. I’ve also read reactions to this from the internet. If you don’t know my stance on Apple branching into the entertainment industry, in short, I don’t like it. I get that Amazon creates entertainment now, but that doesn’t obligate every company in the tech industry to start creating content. Apple has a lot on its plate. A lot of people depend on their services. Computers, smartphones, watches, video editing software, a cloud service, photo backup, server software, retail, events at retail stores, professional support, a navigation system, contactless payments, and much more. A good amount of these are relied on by many. The last thing I need is any one of these losing support because Apple is too busy negotiating which celebrity to book to sing in a car. Granted, that could be seen as a bit extreme, but it’s something that doesn’t need to happen. If they don’t renew this series, Apple won’t have any new original content, and I’m fine with that. One of the biggest counter arguments to this is that Carpool Karaoke is not directed to tech enthusiasts. That couldn’t be more true. What’s also true is that the target demographic is blissfully unaware of Carpool Karaoke on Apple Music. Apple put very little marketing into the series. Perhaps it’s because the series lost the shred of relevance it had several years ago. When Apple is faced with critism about buggy software and promises of software updates for features that should arrive at launch, I don’t need Tim Cook distracted by this side project. 

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