Friday, November 3, 2017

iPhone X: First Impressions

The iPhone X was finally released today, and I got my hands on a demo at my local Apple Store. Looking at the picture below, you can see that compared to my iPhone 6s, the screen is way larger than that of my iPhone's, despite having a similar size. Having this extra screen space is an amazing luxury, especially with apps that take advantage of the display. I found this useful with the Calendar app, which gives you just enough extra space to see more of your day or week without scrolling. Both of these phones are at full brightness as well, but you probably see the iPhone X's OLED display shows some whiter whites. The gestures took minimal time for me to get used to, but I'm sure that's different for whoever you ask. The real kicker is the camera. The photo below was taken using an iPhone X, but this doesn't do it much justice. Having a camera this stellar in your pocket is truly amazing. The different lightings that can be taken in portrait mode gives a lot of power to the user when done right. There were no third party apps installed on the demo, so I can't say how many apps are optimized. I made an app in Xcode the other day and found some staggering differences as to how the iPhone X displays some storyboards, so hopefully no existing apps are ruined. This display has a lot of potential, and it gives me much more excitement as to what features Apple will do for this phone in the coming months or for next year's model.

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