Thursday, February 23, 2017

iPhone 7 Explosion Video Goes Viral

Brianna Olivas claims that her iPhone 7 Plus started smoking an exploding yesterday. In the video she posted (viewer discretion advised), the iPhone can be seen smoking and melting the case. According to Mashable, the phone started squealing next to Olivas while in her bed and her boyfriend threw it in the bathroom, where it exploded. The reason I'm talking about this is to give my stance. Obviously, after the Note7 explosions, this wouldn't look good for Apple. However, I, along with many other people in the tech community, don't buy this video. Not to the point where it was directly Apple's fault anyways. I could use my fancy AP Lang and AP Lit skills and analyze the tone of Olivas voice in the video. I even have a thesis statement. "In the video, Olivas' tone is very monotone and shows very little concern for the smartphone burning in front of her, using particular diction and imagery to describe the situation." But I take things from a technological standpoint. Could it be a one in a million chance of a faulty battery? Possibly. More likely, the phone was put through conditions no phone should be able to go through (microwaves?) or an off-market, bootleg charger was used to charge it. Who knows? Maybe people will catch on and these will be the next "1000 Degree Knife" videos. Apple will have a cause for the situation within a week.

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