Sunday, October 30, 2016

Famous Mac Startup Sound Not Present in New MacBook Pros

For the longest time, starting up your Mac would cause a short chord to play to indicate that no errors occurred during initialization. That is no longer the case for the new MacBook Pros. While some may be disappointed by this, I can understand why Apple may do this. The new MacBook Pros now turn on just by opening the lid or plugging in the charging cable. I believe this is to close the gap between macOS and iOS, as iOS devices quickly and quietly startup. Nowadays, I mute my Mac before I turn it off to silence the sound, because I'll pull out my MacBook in a quiet classroom, and then you hear that sound disrupt the silence. It can be awkward. But my main point is, in an ever-changing world, now based around mobile devices, computers need to evolve to keep up. 

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