Sunday, October 2, 2016

Easily Track Cellular Data Usage

One of my favorite parts of iOS are widgets. When used properly, they are very useful and convenient for quick information that you need frequently. One example of this is cellular data usage. If you want to easily track your usage, try this out. Find your carrier's app in the App Store. Make sure this is for your phone plan, not something else (i.e. My Verizon instead of Verizon Fios). Sign into the app like normal. Now, go to Notification Center and swipe to the right and scroll down. Tap the Edit button and find your carrier's widget in the list. Note that your carrier may not have a widget. If not, this method doesn't apply to you. Sorry. I can confirm that Verizon works with this method using the My Verizon app. Now can see your data usage just by going to Notification Center. I hope this helps!

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