Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Day One Apple Watch App (And Why It's Important)

By far, one of my favorite apps is Day One. It's a beautiful journal app that has been given every app award there is, and for good reason. Now, it has support for Apple Watch, and it may have inadvertently solved one of the biggest elements that keeps people from writing. At least for me, I find myself not able to write because I don't have time, I'm not in a situation where I can sit down and write (i.e. an amusement park), or because I'm having writer's block. Those factors alone are about 98% of my life. The Apple Watch app solves this by allowing you to quickly enter any combination of a location, photo, and a quick text entry into your journal. This pretty much solves these problems. You can do it in a line for a rollercoaster, at a dinner, or where ever. Anyways, props to Bloom Built for that! You can download the iOS version of Day One for $4.99 [Direct Link].

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