Monday, April 13, 2015

Apple Watch Shipping Dates Could Improve

This whole Apple Watch pre-order phase had a bit of a rocky start. My Apple Watch is supposedly coming in June. I really can't blame Apple. With so many different models and combinations, the last thing they'd want to have is a warehouse full of overstock. After all, that's why Microsoft tries to give away Surfaces, which proves that there's nothing more embarrassing than overstock. Nevertheless, the slipping shipping dates on almost every model of the Apple Watch has people worried and anxious. After all, Apple's marketing campaign included the tagline, "The watch is coming. 4.24.15." This suggests that you can get your hands on it on April 24 in an Apple Store or online. Well, you're wrong. You had to pre-order it at midnight on April 10 (without doing a try-on because the stores are closed at midnight). Andrew Turko sent an email to Apple and he got a response via phone call.
"[Apple] said that June preorders will most likely ship sooner than June. Of course he didn't make any promises, but that's the reason Apple is announcing such an extended ship date after all - to avoid disappointment through false guarantees."
- Andrew Turko
So, who knows? Maybe we will see improved shipping times for our pre-orders on the Apple Watch. All I can say is if you have your eye on one, buy it as soon as you can, because at this rate, we might as well wait for a second-generation Apple Watch. 

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