Thursday, March 19, 2015

Apple Pulling 'Anti-Virus' Apps From iOS App Store

It should be well-known that iOS devices can't get viruses unless they were jailbroken or something. Intego had their anti-virus software, VirusBarrier, pulled from the App Store (along with other people's anti-virus apps) as a result of it misleading people into thinking iOS devices can get viruses. However, Intego's app isn't really anti-virus software for iOS, but an anti-virus scanner. Basically, they see iOS devices as just a "spreader." iOS devices won't be affected, but files sent from the device can affect other devices. It essentially tries to prevent the spread of viruses. When you're careful and use common logic, you should not have any problems with viruses, but Intego does have a point. It's not anti-virus software, as misleading as it is.

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