Friday, March 21, 2014

iBeacons: Now in Your Home

A recent tech craze has been going on recently. iBeacons! Basically, iBeacons are little beacons that can be stuck to make a "digital field" that iPhones can detect to notify the user of something. For example, stick an iBeacon in the cereal section of a grocery store and when an iPhone goes near it, it could get a notification on a deal on cereal. Well, now (credit to TechCrunch) you can stick them around your house for different areas with the help of a new app, Placed. If you walk into your kitchen, you can have a timer app open for when you cook. Check out this video for more info.

Image Credit to MacRumors


  1. It IS an amazing new world. There is now an iOS app called Beecon that can detect an iBeacon (even when the app is closed if you set it) and once yor phone meets a recognbised iBeacon, it can trigger your Wemo, Philips Hue, tweet or do so much more stuff.

    You can look at articles where you can buy iBeacons to stick to your walls, or in a usb port, and once out of the box abnd plugged in (or you insert the battery), the beacons will start transmitting. If you set the Beecon iOS app to recognise he scenario, it will then trigger.

    I have one (tiny one) plugged into my car and whenever I start my car, my phone will recognise that I am in my car and will launch Maps.

    I have one stuck behind my door and when I enter my house, a set of preconfigured wemo switches turns on. When I leave the house and the iphone cant detect my honme beacon, it switches off ALL my wemo switches.

    The beacons are cheap. (And I mean, in the UK, it is REALLY cheap. £15 a piece)

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