Friday, July 15, 2016

Pokémon Go: Yelp

When checking into a restaurant today on Yelp, I noticed it asked me if the restaurant was near a PokéStop. Yeah, that tells you a lot about Pokémon Go. Yelp has a new filter that allows you to select results that are close to a PokéStop. Yelp is available in the Apple App Store for free [Direct Link].
"In order to leave no PokéStop unturned, we need your help! To identify a business that's in the vicinity of a PokéStop, check-in to that location on Yelp and answer a quick question to let fellow Yelpers and trainers know that this is the place they want to be. In just the past 24 hours, Yelpers have already identified thousands of PokéStops! With your help, we'll become Pokémon masters in no time."

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