Monday, October 19, 2015

Steam Link and Mac OS X

The other day, I received a Steam Link, a device that streams Steam games to a TV, a few weeks ahead of its release date. This was part of a promotion for pre-order months in advance. I was pretty hyped to get it, but little did I know that OS X wasn't supported when I got it. According to the website, it was supposed to work with OS X, so I was confused. I don't own a PC (that works well anyways), so I was stuck here. At this point, I was ready to return it. Here's where things got interesting. Valve, creator of the Steam Link, is compensating early adopters who were affected with a copy of the Valve Complete Pack, a $99 value, for free! This consists of every game Valve has made since the late 1990's if I'm not mistaken. Here's the real kicker: affected users will also receive every game made by Valve in the future for free! Half-Life 3 confirmed! In addition, if you still choose to return the Steam Link, you can still keep the games! If only Nintendo did this whenever they screwed up (amiibos, N64 controller, Wii U in general, Mario Party 10, etc.). I'd be drowning in free stuff. So, the next time a Windows user makes fun of a Mac user for the Mac's inferior game library (No, not specs. That's a completely different paradigm.), make sure you show them your massively increased Steam library. Affected users should contact Steam support or check their emails and Steam libraries.

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