Tuesday, July 21, 2015

iOS 9 Devices Can No Longer Review Apps

I have to rant for a second. Developer previews have the word "developer" in them for a reason! Don't download this on your everyday iOS device or half of your apps will be broken. Why? Because developers haven't optimized them yet. That's the whole purpose of the developer preview! Developers need to explore the technologies of iOS 9. Developer previews are not a playground, they are a construction site. So, don't spend $99 thinking, "I can get iOS 9 early" because that's not the intended purpose! You will lose data!

Okay, rant over...

Anyways, because people find their apps breaking in iOS 9 developer previews, they leave bad, undeserved reviews on apps in the Apple App Store. This brings their overall rating down. Apple has addressed this by not allowing reviews on apps from devices running the iOS 9 beta. This will prevent misconceptions of the app caused by a developer preview. Strangely, they have left in the ability to leave ratings in the form of stars (1-5 scale). Whatever you do, don't rate apps in the iOS 9 beta. Any problems you experience are probably due to your iOS 9 beta software. Also, reading the description helps. Sometimes, there are explanations for problems there, like outdated hardware.

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