Saturday, February 22, 2014

Twitch Plays Pokémon!

One interesting story that's been making gaming and tech headlines is the original Pokémon game. Popular gaming streaming site Twitch has created a special stream for gamers. It's called TwitchPlaysPokemon! Basically, it's a stream of the original Pokémon game (red/blue) with a twist. We, the gamers, get to play. Every Twitch stream has a chat, but in this chat, you can enter a GameBoy command and the command will be inputted into the game as a command. To put this into perspective, that's 50,000+ people playing a single game. This makes the gameplay harder and more interesting. It's interesting because when everyone inputs commands at once to name a Pokémon, the names are quite funny. Not to mention, that it takes the average player about 30 hours to finish the game. This particular game has gone over 9 days and counting! Not to mention, the anarchy vs. democracy vote. You can also type either "anarchy" or "democracy" to choose your vote. If anarchy has the majority of the votes, all commands will be inputed into the game. Democracy having the majority will make the game only take the most popular command in a 20 second period. Democracy mode is made to prevent trolls from inputting random commands. You can play along with all of the other players by clicking here!

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