Friday, February 14, 2014


About ten years ago, when I was four years old, I got my first email account and it was the biggest deal back then. I could send mail to my friends and family instantaneously! Emails even inspired me to learn how to touch type (a skill I use to this very day)! Now a days, spam is a lot more common and cyber bullying was created. A lot of adults and responsible kids and teens can manage with this, but what about the four or five year olds who want to join the email phenomenon? Well, there's an app for that! Tocomail (not to be confused with "Toca," a popular line of kids games and apps) is an app that lets kids use email safely with the help of their parents. The kids get a custom email account that let's them send messages that are monitored. In addition, they can draw on the message using an iOS device. Here's how the safety works. You create an account for your kid on Tocomail's website or the app. Then, you select contacts that are "safe" for your child to contact without your permission. Basically, anyone not on this list will have their message approved by you, the parent/guardian, before your child can read it. Note: Some features (including some put in this article) are "premium" features. This means you must pay for them by the month or year. A month of premium is $2.99, while a year is $29.99. Other premium features include a bullying filter, as well as a profanity filter. Tocomail is available for free, along with in-app purchases mentioned above, for free off of the Apple App Store [Direct Link].

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