Saturday, November 2, 2013

Which iPad 2 Get

As you may know, the iPad Air was recently released. Today, I will explain which iPad you should get. NOTE: If you want LTE, I recommend T-Mobile, however take into consideration of the cost of plans and your smartphone's plan. 

Bring it to school: 
For this endeavor, I recommend the iPad Mini (either generation) because it can fit well into a backpack and can be easily be taken out at anytime. 16 to 32 GB capacity. 

Casual User:
I would recommend an iPad 2 or iPad Mini (1st generation) for light use of the iPad. They both cost $299, so it doesn't matter which you pick. The iPad Mini is the newer of the two. 

All Around (and Work):
The iPad Air is for you! It still has great portability with my hands-on time with it. As for capacity, I recommend around 32 to 64 GB. If you want to, you could even get an iPad Mini (2nd generation). 

After testing with various apps, you'll find that the white color fits quite nicely with cases and apps designed for iOS 7. There is less contrast, so it looks nicer. Check out which iPad color suits you at an Apple Store as well. 

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