Thursday, May 1, 2014

Check Your Reputation

We all have digital reputations. Someone posts a photo of you on Facebook without you knowing, or maybe someone with Google Glass takes a five hour video of every person on the streets of San Francisco and you just happened to be in it. Whatever the case is, most of us have something out there one the internet. It's important to know what others see and make sure that you don't have anything that can damage your reputation. Here's a handy tip, go to Google. Log in and click your face in the top-right corner of Google and click "Account". Next, go to "Data Tools" and click "View options", which is next to "Me on the Web". Finally, click "Search now". This shows you what everyone else sees. There are no personalized results. This is your reputation. Along with this tool are some other nice options, including web alerts and your Google+ account. Try it out!

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