Sunday, April 20, 2014

Original Apple TVs Losing Functionality

The original Apple TV seems to not be able to connect to the iTunes store. Apple Forum poster georgevargas describes his issue in this message:
"As of last night I had full access to the iTunes Store. Since this morning I was getting an Itunes Store Not Available message, and after unplugging the AppleTv the iTunes Store access completly disappeared except for movie trailers."
Apple has confirmed that Heartbleed is not the cause of the bug, however they didn't tell us what the actual issue is. Are they dropping support and services for this Apple TV? If that's true, the bright side is that newer Apple TVs are in HD and only cost $99 (HDMI cable not included). The original Apple TV was released in 2007, so it would make sense to drop support for a 7-year-old piece of hardware.

Article Credit to MacRumors

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